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Baltic Apprenticeships

Baltic Apprenticeships

Our Managing Director at Techienology, Mohammed Hadi, is a huge advocate for apprentices. He believes in pushing them out of their comfort zones & encouraging them to discover their passions & talents, developing their skills within the workplace.

The Techie team is made up of a fair few apprentices. Ranging from IT Engineers, to Business Admin Assistants, to Digital Marketers, Techienology caters to a wide variety of job roles.

We believe apprentices can unlock their full potential in our fast-paced & supportive environment. Apprentices are an amazing addition to any team, as they can often provide different ways of thinking & approaches to business ideas.

We’ve worked with Baltic Apprenticeships for over a year & a half, and through them we have landed 11 apprentices with their dream jobs. Over this time period, we have also built great relationships with a lot of members of the Baltic team. So, it was lovely to finally meet some of them.


Discussing Our Business Relationship

“Here at Baltic, we have an amazing relationship with Techienology. With placing their first apprentice to their current, I feel very proud of where they are today and the support that they give us as a business. Each member of staff within Techienology is so passionate about learning and developing, not only as an individual but also as a company.

The talent within the business is second to none and you most definitely will get the BEST service from these guys! What I love most about this company is how Mohammed believes in each member of staff and gives young, passionate people the chance to start their career within the technology field! I may joke he has a college of apprentices which all contribute greatly to the work they produce.

As their recruiter, they make me feel so at home and just as much a part of their Techienology family as they are even though I am a couple of hundred miles away. Together we have raised money for charity and seen most of their apprentice’s learner of the week and passing exams first time round! All thanks to Mohammed for pursuing the apprentice route!”

–  Lucy Oliphant & Lisa Nash

About Baltic Apprenticeships

Baltic Apprenticeships are a tech-focused training provider specialising in IT, Software Development, Digital Marketing, and Data Analysis. They work with employers and learners from across England, ranging from large multinational businesses to local SMEs. Their high-quality apprenticeship programmes and modern training approach offers their apprentices an excellent opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that employers need most.

They back this up with our ethos of genuine care, providing personal support for both apprentices and employers. From supporting underrepresented groups into successful careers in tech, to helping businesses fulfil their potential through a qualified and loyal workforce – they deliver a training service that can be trusted.


Baltic Apprenticeships Training Method

Baltic Apprenticeships were the first UK training provider to offer a completely tech-focused, tech-driven training solution, delivering 100% of our training online. By using technology to teach technology, we deliver flexible and dynamic learning through our real-time, interactive SMART Classroom system.

This teaching method allows apprentices to come together from across the country in an engaging learning environment. The SMART Classroom has been designed with our apprentices in mind. This modern training method blends lectures, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction to create the most stimulating and successful learning environment possible.


Reflecting On Our Work Together

We have worked with Techienology for almost two years. During this time, they have helped many apprentices launch their dream careers in the tech and digital sector. The support that the team provides to each apprentice is outstanding and they go above and beyond to help every learner succeed.

The passion for apprenticeships throughout the company is infectious and we look forward to watching each apprentice progress in their role. Thank you to Mohammed and the team for being a fantastic employer, we look forward to building our relationship further.”

–  Lucy Oliphant & Lisa Nash

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