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Our work with BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd

A Statement From BoxWay

“BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd, a newly incorporated corrugated packaging company has partnered with Techienology to manage and oversee the entire IT Infrastructure for its three well established manufacturing plants across the UK. Their full suite of IT services for enterprise-level support includes Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Consultancy, IT Project Management, Network & Server Maintenance and more. This new partnership ensures BoxWay can enhance the productivity of its sheet plants and support its growth into new markets. "

What we do for BoxWay

In June 2021, Techienology Ltd won the contract with BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd to be their new Managed IT Service provider.

Now we manage, maintain and monitor all of BoxWay’s IT systems and infrastructure, whilst providing access to our wide range of IT services and solutions including Network, Infrastructure, Applications and Service Desk solutions. In addition to our Endpoint management & Managed services plus.

Who is BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd?

BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd is a newly incorporated corrugated packaging company that is made up of three well established manufacturing plants across the UK.

BoxWay is focused on delivering innovative customer focused solutions and a fleet of foot service to its current and future customers, helping them grow by providing high quality products and services.

BoxWay’s independent ownership provides an entrepreneurial approach to like-minded businesses on a national basis and, with the help of some exciting investment plans, has an ambition to grow into new markets.

What Do BoxWay Do?

BoxWay produces corrugated packaging for a wide range of customers who operate in the industrial, consumer and retail industries. BoxWay are expanding to work with a wide range of entrepreneurial brands. From novelty e-commerce brands, new food and drink businesses and emerging challenger companies born out of lockdown.

BoxWay takes pride in delivering an agile service and are constantly looking at ways to improve in today’s competitive environment.

These are some of the development initiatives BoxWay are investing in for the benefit of its customers:

  • box1b

    Product Development

    Offering design-led solutions for tailored packaging, matching your brand. And ensuring it stands out in the competitive packaging market.

  • box2

    Productivity Measures

    Including new print and die cutting capacity, improved print and case making capability, speciality gluing.

  • box3

    ‘Fleet of Foot’

    Electric service delivery, fast and more agile speed to market. From all three UK plants enabling nationwide delivery.


Andrew Woollard


A Message From The CEO

“BoxWay is totally committed to supporting current and new customers by providing an independent and entrepreneurial approach to like-minded businesses on a national basis.

With the help of some exciting investment plans our ambition is to grow into new markets and alongside challenger brands that have evolved from the pandemic.”

If you want to

To Find Out More About BoxWay

You can also find out more about BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd by visiting their new website.

Watch the video where the CEO of BoxWay talks about the formation of the new dedicated sheet plant businesses in the UK.

Check out BoxWay’s LinkedIn account to keep up to date with their current developments.

You can also find BoxWay on Instagram, providing visual updates and insights into their wide ranges of innovative packaging designs.

Find posts tailored to show customers the various packaging options available on BoxWay’s Twitter page.

And you can follow Boxways updates and Business developments on Facebook too.

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