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Childhood Cancer Awareness

Our fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is an opportunity for people to get involved, spread the word & encourage the supporting of charities alike. Whilst it is important to show your support all year round, organisations have set aside the month of September to specifically target the public in an attempt to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer and the effects it has on millions of people around the world.

As many people already know, the gold ribbon is symbolic to Childhood Cancer. The colour gold is associated with achievement & victory, therefore, promotion the idea of research & possible cures for cancer being found. The gold ribbon is a symbol of all forms of cancer which affect children & adolescents. Many colours were considered to be the signature for Childhood Cancer; however, it was decided that gold would be the one as gold itself is a precious mental, therefore symbolising the most important thing in our lives – our children.

There are a number of ways in which you can

Support Childhood Cancer Awareness:

• Pay Funds

You can make a donation to multiple organisations who support Childhood Cancer Awareness.

• Go Gold

By wearing gold clothing/accessories to display your encouragement towards charities who work in association with Childhood Cancer.

• Buy a ribbon

You can purchase a gold ribbon from any charity in association with Childhood Cancer.
For more ideas and information on how you can show your support...

We hosted a “golden day” in our office, where we asked our workers to make a contribution to charity to display their support which we donated to Children with Cancer UK. And encouraged workers to wear yellow/gold, in support of Childhood Cancer. We had everything from yellow tops to golden bejewelled shoes, all to show our commitment to help and support Childhood Cancer charities.

We wanted to get involved with this because, as a small business, supporting other small businesses is something we take great pride in doing.

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