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Cyber-threats have evolved, has your security?

Cyber-threats have evolved, has your security?

The pandemic pushed millions of workers into working from home and since we have seen the continuation of hybrid and full-time home working, cyber-attackers obviously began using this to their advantage.

Work computers were almost always behind super secure, enterprise level firewalls they were patch managed by the onsite IT team to make sure any vulnerabilities were shut off, and you could always shout over your shoulder to a colleague to check out something that looked suspect before logging it with IT.

So, the security companies changed tack to protect systems in remote locations, stronger emphasis was put on client-side security rather than centralised, more done for the cloud apps that are now replacing installed software. It’s always going to be a chase and catch up against the latest attacks and threats.

Some of the most recent security calls we have had were targeting the people in the enterprises, spoofing colleagues’ details and even signatures, hiding their evidence in little used areas of your

mail systems. And they nearly work, fortunately these were spotted but it was obvious to see how easy it would have been to comply with the email instructions.

We can help to patch up all the small holes in your systems and protect your cloud services, but nothing is ever 100% secure when you throw human beings into the mix. Training staff to be aware of spoofing, phishing scams and “Smishing” over WhatsApp and other messaging services is an essential part of your own cyber-security.

We’re working in partnership with the North West Cyber Resilience Centre at Oldham Expo on Thursday 15th September, come along and see us. We’ll be happy to help your organisation to beat the Cyber-criminals.

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