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Denim for Dementia

Denim for Dementia

At Techienology, we try our best to show support for important causes at every opportunity. On the 21st of May 2021, we decided to participate in Denim for Dementia Day & wear items of denim. Dementia is an illness which has unfortunately affected people within our business, therefore, it was essential for us to display our support & encouragement.

We had a super fun time at the Techienology office supporting this cause. We sported our favourite denim wear & enjoyed a team lunch together. We always feel satisfied when showing our support towards important causes and local charities as one of our huge beliefs as a company is supporting our community, small organisations & backing the success of other businesses.

We understand we’re only a small company, however, the impact of showing positivity and support to others can make a huge difference. This is why we always encourage other local businesses to get involved & do their bit.

Denim for Dementia is an un-fixed day for anyone to wear denim to display their backing of the Alzheimer’s Society. You can partake on any day you like & visit their website for a free digital fundraising pack. There are many ways you can get involved and support this cause you can host fundraisers, partake in social or virtual events and even join an Alzheimer’s Society event.

This is an amazing opportunity for any business to get involved in. We’d fully encourage businesses of any size to support this charity & boost the growth of these organisations. You can get involved by visiting the Alzheimer’s Society by clicking the button below.

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