Education Security & Safeguarding

Education Security & Safeguarding

At Techienology we have worked alongside schools from the beginning of our business journey, providing them with endless IT Support, the best software & products on the market, infrastructure set-ups from scratch, and upgrading existing equipment to improve their systems and provide the best learning experience for students and teachers. And from this, we have learned the importance of safeguarding & security within schools as well as why cyber and network security should be a top priority for schools.

5 reasons why network and cyber security
should be your school’s top priority:

  • Ransomware

    The education sector is the third biggest target for cybercriminals. Ransomware locks you out of your school systems and encrypts your data and with the average ransom payment to unlock and release your data (not always guaranteed even after payment) being around £90,000, not protecting your systems can be a costly error.

  • Phishing

    Is still the choice of attack from many fraudsters, they will target via email often pretending to be someone senior in your organisation in an attempt to elicit funds. There are software solutions out there that can help your organisation filter out the majority of these issues.

  • Backups

    Your school data is very important, parents rely on you to keep information about their children secure and accurate. Poor quality untested backups can leave your school vulnerable to losing important information and parental trust.

  • Safeguarding

    Learners need access to the internet to allow them to research and engage with the world. But that access needs to be safe and protect them from the many unsafe and potentially dangerous sites that are still out there. A good quality managed firewall that blocks access to these sites on multiple levels is an absolute necessity.

  • User Behaviour

    All staff and learners need to be trained and regularly updated on cybersecurity and the role they all play in keeping your organisation safe and secure.

Techienology has been leading the way in helping the schools in its network to be as secure as possible, we are always assessing the threat landscape and informing our customers every step of the way as we monitor and manage their systems.

We can offer you a cyber security audit to help organisations make strong, evidence-based decisions on how to secure your network and support your cyber security journey.

To find out more about the products we offer that support education security & safeguarding we have provided the most sought after products whitepapers below:

If you would like to inquire about any of these products you can do so by clicking the contact us now button below.

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