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Our work with Exponential-e

A statement from Exponential-e

“Exponential-e are pleased to welcome Technienology into our Channel Partner network and look forward to working closely with them to incorporate our own business-only network and full range of IT, communications, security, and connectivity solutions into their world-class portfolio of managed IT services, driving new innovations across the digital landscape.”

Who is Exponential-e?

Exponential-e is a British privately owned, award-winning, Connectivity and Cloud provider, who pride themselves on providing world class IT Services, flexible, superfast and resilient Cloud solutions.

They have over 190 points of presence, allowing them to deliver outstanding customer service to offices, across the UK.

Our partnership with Exponential-e

We are delighted to announce that Exponential-e and Techienology have recently established a channel partnership. We will be working together to deliver a range of high quality services, which include virtualisation, broadband installations, cloud based solutions, and telecommunications, to our clients in both the public and private sector.

We, at Techienology, are very excited to work alongside a company which specialises in these solutions and look forward to the opportunities it offers for both us and our customers.

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Cloud Services

We offer Exponential-e's Cloud Services, which are distributed over their core Network. Services range from Cloud Storage to Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Unified Communications

We also provide Exponential-e's Communication Services, which are specifically designed to provide businesses with scalable collaboration tools.

Connectivity Services

We also have the ability to grant access to Exponential-e's business-only Network that has the scope to convey Internet, Wide Area Networks and Connectivity all over the UK.
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Our Partner Exponential-e

You can find out everything about Exponential-e by checking out their website.

Exponential-e also have a YouTube channel, with educational videos providing insight into their business, technology, software and services.

You can follow Exponential-e’s LinkedIn page, which includes important updates & developments as well as business and employee insights.

You can also visit Exponential-e’s Facebook to view their wide range of services on offer and business updates.

Exponential-e also have a Twitter page for users to see what interesting recent developments they have and keep up to date with them.

You can find out more about Exponential-e, the tech industry, software, updates and services through their Blog.

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