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Eid Celebration

Our Office Eid Celebration!

On the 14th May 2021, the Techienology team enjoyed a celebratory lunch in honour of Eid. As we have a very diverse group of cultures within the office, we always make a conscious effort to celebrate one another’s religious holidays to display acceptance & respect.

Eid is a religious holiday, celebrated by Muslims worldwide. Eid marks the end of the month-long, dawn-to-sunset fasting. The word “Eid” means “festival” or “feast” in Arabic language. Typically, Eid last 3 days & is a time for celebration & reflecting on your blessings in life.

At Techienology, we strive to show respect & support to all religions, which is why it was so important for us to get our staff involved in the celebration of Eid. We want to promote diversity & equality in all areas, starting with the acceptance of all cultures.

We enjoyed an amazing feast of chicken & rice, samosas, Handesh, Baklava & more.

Handesh is a sweet & puffy, deep-fried molasses & rice flour cake. It is extremely sweet, definitely not for the weak minded. Baklava is another very sweet treat, made up of layers of pastry filled with chopped nuts & syrup or honey. Again, not for the weak minded. These sweet desserts left the Techienology team in a major food-coma.

We are extremely grateful to be able to celebrate such a special occasion with our staff, as we feel it brings us closer as a team & builds bridges to a better understanding of other religions and traditions.

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