How we recycle our technology!

How we recycle our technology!

The demand for technology has become huge within the past decade and it will continue to increase with time, many people within society like to keep up to date with purchasing the latest technology and discard old devices.

Whether it is put in a drawer and forgotten about or thrown away, many people aren’t aware of the right way to dispose of unwanted or broken technology, if devices are thrown away using general waste disposal services it turns into electronic waste which wreaks havoc on the environment.

Electronic waste can cause an array of environmental devastation, as tech devices are filled with harmful chemicals and toxic materials which are also non-biodegradable, meaning it can pollute water sources, poison eco-systems and when specific materials react with oxygen, they can create toxicants that pollute the air.

It is estimated that 20% of electronic waste worldwide is recycled correctly, whilst 80% end up in general waste and landfills polluting our environment.

Because of the devastating impacts electronic waste has on the environment it is against the law to dispose of electronic waste incorrectly, if you do not use the correct disposal systems you can be charged and even fined.

To combat these environmental issues, we can use technology recycling companies who collect the devices and take them to their disposal area, where they can extract individual chemicals / materials and use them to make new devices or they can wipe and repair well-conditioned devices and distribute them back into the public domain. By doing this we can reduce electronic waste in both landfills and general waste systems, reduce the amount of air & water pollution as well as reducing electronic waste pollution related illnesses.

Using these methods also make sourcing useful materials such as plastic, metals, glass and chemicals which are becoming more and more scarce over time. By re-using these materials that we can extract from old unwanted devices, we can reduce the cost of having to create those materials from scratch.

We work alongside WEEE registered disposable experts to dispose of our technology, as well as our customers’, we work alongside this company to ensure that all data from devices are safe after the desposal of them.

To find out more about the tech recycling services we can offer, contact our team using the button below:

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