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Our Macmillan Coffee Morning!

Our Macmillan coffee morning at Techienology!

At Techienology, we always try our best to support charities. Which is why we decided to host our very own Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Whilst the cakes, brownies & biscuits were lovely, our favourite part of this memorable morning was raising £130 for Macmillan Cancer Support. We’ve donated to multiple charities, but this is our biggest donation yet. And for that, we are very proud.

For us, supporting charities is a reflection of our character. The Techienology team work hard to show support & raise awareness for a variety of important causes, just like this one.

Our Coffee Morning included a variety of sweet treats, from Rocky Road squares to Chocolate Orange cupcakes. We enjoyed a couple hours away from our desks to relish in some quality time together & reflect on how grateful we are for our health & wellbeing.

Cancer is a disease which has personally affected some members of our team, so it was important for us to show our support by participating in this Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Founded in 1911, Macmillan Cancer Support is a British charity, which offers specialist health care, information & financial support to people affected by cancer. They try their best to promote a better care system for the families of those struggling with cancer, as they’re well aware of the social, emotional & practical impact that cancer has.

Over 3 million people are currently living with cancer in the UK. These people need Macmillan more than ever, especially as the past 2 years haven’t been easy due to Covid-19.

There are plenty of ways to show your support, such as: Hosting a Coffee Morning, Donating,
Join the Macmillan Online Community, participate in the “Brave the Shave” event & there is so much more you can do to show your support to Macmillan.

You can donate in a variety of ways, including via bank transfer, over the phone, by post or even through text message.

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