STEM & Coding

STEM & Coding: Future-ready Learners

IT is everywhere. It’s in cars, kettles and vacuum cleaners as well as computers and phones, as technology progresses more and more into our everyday lives the world will need more people able to engineer, manufacture and program these devices.

STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) have long been an integral part of learning, our advancement through the industrial revolution was built on this. As we move into the information revolution, coding is leading the way.

Techienology understands the importance of this, our engineers are proof that STEM & Coding can lead to a fulfilling career in IT.

Teaching Coding can be daunting for Primary Teachers, but with easy-to-use tools such as Swift coding on Apple’s iPad and Raspberry Pi’s open-source community-led teaching aids and robotics kits schools can be up and running quickly and easily making coding enjoyable for all.

Secondary educators can progress learners into compiling Python and using the Software Development Kits for IOS and Android to create real-world software applications.

Does your school need help beginning its STEM & Coding journey? Techienology has years of experience working with educators at all levels and we can kick start the process with you.

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