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What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that enables business owners to work remotely or provides a physical address in different parts of the country without the added costs of leasing or owning the property. A virtual office will also give the business a range of business functions that will help with the day to day management.


Why Have A Virtual Office?

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    Business Address

    Having a business address ensures your brand has a credible and professional image. When added on your business cards, website and emails it builds trust in prospective clients as opposed to seeing a mobile number and a home address.

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    Cost Effective

    One of the main benefits of having a virtual office is that they are more cost effective. You can have a business address without having to worry about the rent or the physical building.

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    No Long Term Contracts

    With a virtual office, there are no long term contracts. They are on monthly rolling contracts. You do not have to signup for a yearly lease.

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    Easy Setup

    Setting a virtual office is very easy. Not as time consuming as setting up a physical location. Everything can be set up within 10 working days if not sooner.

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    Increase Scalability

    Having a virtual office helps your business in scaling up when looking to establish your presence in a new area, without having to lease a new building.

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    No Commute Time

    Since there is no office, you have no commute time. Everything can be handled online or via the phone. Plus the mail can be forwarded to you.

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    Some FAQs

    Is a Virtual Office a physical space?

    Our Virtual Office isn’t a physical workspace for your business, it’s a service which provides our office location which we allow you to register as your own company address. And allows additional services such as access to our professional conference room to hold business meetings.

    How often will my mail be forwarded?

    Depending on the the services you sign up for, you will be able to choose from daily, weekly or monthly schedules to receive your mail from us. Alternatively you will be able to collect your mail in person.

    Will you answer my calls in my company name?

    With our Phone Forwarding service, we will answer your call in a professional manner, in your company name and re-direct your customers call to your provided contact number.